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The JDI Life Corporate Co-op is designed to help you

succeed in making money
from home.

Our JDI Life Corporate Co-Op is designed to help you succeed.  Just pay a monthly co-op fee and let our Co-Op Rotator Leveraging System do all the advertising work for you 24/7.

Co-Op Members...

  • Pay a monthly co-op fee by the 1st of every month.
  • Co-op members are placed into our automated Rotator Leveraging System for that entire month. 
  • Monthly Co-op fee is $25 a share and you can purchase up to 4 shares per month.

  • For example: 
  • 1 share   @ $25 = 1:1 rotator traffic ratio.
  • 2 shares @ $50 = 2:1 rotator traffic ratio.
  • 3 shares @ $75 = 3:1 rotator traffic ratio.
  • 4 shares @ $100 = 4:1 rotator traffic ratio.

(Note) The Corporate Co-Op Rotator is always set on Random which is similar to how a lottery works.

The Benefits...

  • No more cold calling and rejection.
  • No more purchasing leads that don't work.
  • No more expensive capture pages that don't work.
  • No more computer stress.
  • No more failure.
  • High search engine presence.

Just pay a monthly co-op fee before the 1st of every month and let our 
Co-Op Rotator Leveraging System do the rest!

Here is a sample of the places we advertise to drive

traffic to your JDI Life Opportunity. We  

also mail out postcards on your behalf. 


Corporate Co-Op Weekly Conference Call Every Thursday Evening.

Thursday's at  8 PM EST.
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Click here or on the picture to listen to 

our most recent corporate calls that 

are listed by date.

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Congratulations to our newest members: Femi Edematie,Alba Cook,James Foley,Peter Browne,Edward Jones,Scott Liesch,Lorraine Krufskinski,Lorenzo Garcia,Luis Chinea,Andriana Castaneda,

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