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Coins Of Change Requires Doctors Care

Posted by on May 12, 2013 at 4:55 PM

Mark and Bill, were best friends had just finished medical schooling and became MD’s.  Finally, after all those years of hard work and tremendous schooling debt, they both were ready to begin their life long dreams of family practice. Being the best of friends for so long they decided to locate in the same city where the population was adequate and so that their families could stay in touch with each other. Bill set up his practice on one side of town and Mark the other so that they would not compete directly against each other for patients. Both had about the same amount of debt and were looking forward to begin work to pay off their outstanding loans that accumulated from medical school.  Bill decided that his marketing strategy for paying off his debt quicker was to only allocate 10 minutes of patient care with very little patient communication so that he could see more patients in a day. He was very thorough accessing his patients but would stay with the 10-minute rule and move on to the next patient. His motto was “Time is money and erases debt” and he preached this constantly to his staff employees.


Mark set up his practice and decided to allocate, as much time needed for each patient and to answer any questions or concerns. Often, Mark asked questions that were not medical related about the person, their family, employment, vacations, etc. He was also very thorough and assessed his patients with great accuracy. Business was slow at first but he was able to pay his monthly bills and save a little. After about a year, Bill, noticed his monthly income was dropping steadily and could not figure out why some patients were not returning to his office.  Mark, on the other had had noticed business picking up steadily and that many of the new patients were coming from Bills side of town. Within 2 years Bill had to close his business and file for bankruptcy because his bills could not be met. Mark, on the other hand had brought on a few partners to help see all the new patients that were flooding his practice. He ended up paying off his debts in record time and was now enjoying prosperity.


Author: M. Recker 09/6/12



Most people fail in network marketing because they fail to communicate the right way.  Developing a relationship with your potential prospect is critical to your success. A great way to do this is to FORM your person while speaking to them. F stands for family, O stands for occupation, R stand for recreation, and M stands for the message.  On my next blog I will go into detail the type of questions to ask as explained in MLM University.