Don't Let The Swine Flue Destroy Your MLM Dream

Posted by on September 24, 2013 at 9:10 AM

Headline News............ Mark's MLM Daily Reporter

Scientist have recently discovered a flock of dead geese starved and frozen!

There was flock of geese getting ready to fly South for the winter. While they were preparing for their hard journey South they all started arguing among themselves which would be the best route to travel. All the Geese refused to listen to each other and argued about the best route, the right altitude, the right wind current, and the best time of day to leave.  So when the day came for them to leave they still had not come to agreement on their flight path. So they took off in flight and as they switched off on the lead position the new goose taking over would adjust it's flight pattern to the one it wanted to fly. The Geese finally landed after 2 months of flying and found themselves in the same field they took off from. Unfortunately, they were too tired and weak to make a second attempt South and the snow set in. The geese all froze and starved to death. An autopsy report cited the cause of death was due to “Lack of teamwork and leveraging” and “Everyone was talking and nobody was listening”.


Aurthor ~ M. Recker 9/23/13

In network marketing there is an abundance of opportunities competing with a limited amount of opportunist. Everyone thinks they have the best product and compensation plan and nobody wants to admit that their opportunity is inferior. Often they overlook the important aspects of the marketing plan that is key to their success. In the past, all opportunities were structured around the same old marketing strategy which only seemed to work for the 3-5% success group. The high failure rate resulted in the fact that not everyone is good at recruiting other team members. Pricing or the cost to join a program can often lead to immediate failure too, if the cost per month is to high.

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