Build Your Downline With a Bird Feeder

Posted by on January 7, 2014 at 4:45 AM

A group of birds were perched in the barren tree limb branches outside my window shivering in minus 14 degrees weather. They frantically jumped from limb to limb scavenging for food to maintain their body heat and strength. With mounds of snow every where and blinding wind gust covering every possible food source, there was very little hope for them to find food. What amazes me the most is when a person witnesses the frailty of the situation of these beautiful works of God, he or she immediately has this yearning to come to the defense of these beautiful and delicate little creatures. As I looked out my window I knew that someone had to take responsibility for the welfare of these birds. After all, they are a joy to our ears in the early spring and summer when they sing and rejoice at the sun rising in the far off distance. They announce the suns glistening rays as they dance off the wet morning dew. Imagine a morning with no birds singing in the trees or dancing on the ground looking for a worm to feed her newly hatched babies. To me that would be a depressing moment to witness day after day. I would never want to wake up to a morning without the music of the birds. So, minus 14 degrees and a wind chill of 30 degrees below zero I set off to do what I do best and that is to help feed the birds.

With my front wheel drive Pontiac, I headed to the hardware store with a mission to purchase a bird feeder and bag of seed. The parking lot was bare and very few vehicles were out on the road. The hardware store parking lot was empty as I was their only customer. I purchased the life saving bird feeder and seed and left the store with everything in hand. As I was opening up my car door another car pulled up next to me. They rolled down their window and with a big smile they informed me that they were here for the same thing. It's nice to know that others take action and offer to help.

Network marketing requires an attitude of teamwork and leveraging. True Global Compassion is centered around these key elements. Our goal is to teach the importance of sponsoring a person who is struggling to get by. Just like the birds that are struggling to find food to stay alive, we're looking for others who want to help each other suceed. 


Mark Recker

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