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Network Marketing Is A Numbers Game

Posted by on June 17, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Here's an inspiring article for your success.


You may have heard of Bill Britt, one of the most successful distributors in Amway. Some years ago, 20/20 did a feature story on Amway. They spent 19 minutes interviewing whiners and complainers -- several distributors who had failed and showed the garages full of products they couldn't sell.


During the last minute of the show, Mr. Britt was interviewed in front of his palatial home. He was asked, "Mr. Britt, this business has obviously worked for you. What's your secret?"


He replied, "There is no secret. I simply showed the plan to 1200 people. 900 said, 'No.' and only 300 signed up. Out of those 300, only 85 did anything at all. Out of those 85 only 35 were serious, and out of those 35, 11 made me a millionaire."


Like ALL leaders who have made money in this industry, Bill worked through the numbers.


Like we always say - ANY business is a number game, plain and simple. Remember that & be persistent & you WILL succeed.


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