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How To Avoid The Network Marketing Quick Sand Trap

Posted by on August 23, 2018 at 9:30 AM

How To Avoid The Network Marketing Quick Sand Trap

Once upon a time there was a small village that farmers would bring their produce to in early fall. This was the most profitable time of the year for the farmers and also a very dangerous time of the year as well. You see, the farmers only way into town was by traveling Quick Sand Road. The road was narrow, steep, and very winding. But the real danger was it’s location which went right through the heart of quick sand swamp.

The day arrived when all the produce would be loaded up on the farmers carts overflowing with delicious produce. Since the road was so narrow and dangerous the farmers would use a hand cart so as to not risk losing a horse or mule along the way. For some farmers it was their first journey and the tension was thick and heavy like the smoke from a forest fire. Only the ole timers felt complacent due to their years of experience navigating Quick Sand Road.

The new inexperienced farmers loaded up their carts and one by one they started out on their dangerous and profitable journey. This was the time when all their hard work paid off and would allow for them to plant next years crop, invest in some equipment, and eat food during the harsh winter. The first farmer who was new started down the road and after about a mile he slipped and lost his footing and fell into the swamp. A Second new farmer soon came by an hour later and saw the young farmer sinking up to his chin. However, he was in a hurry and would not take the time to stop to help the farmer get out of the quick sand. About an hour later this farmer also lost his footing and slipped into the swamp sinking up to his chin. Next, old farmer George who was old and wise started out to town with his cart and came upon the other two farmers in need of help. He agreed to help the young farmers get out of the swamp only if they agreed to help him push his cart to and from town after the farmers market ended.

All three farmers successfully made it to market and back home selling all their produce and earning a profit.

Author: Mark Recker

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