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Thy Kingdom Comes

Posted by on September 22, 2020 at 5:25 AM

Some may look at the current state of our country as being a sign that our country is doomed! However, I assure you that God has a plan in store for America. The Greatest Revival of all times is at our door step! No man knows the day or hour, but we can sense the season. We are that generation just prior to the return of Yeashua.

Satan has tried in vain to undo what God has ordained starting in 2016. However, God always wins and Trump will be re-elected. COVID 19 will be eradicated, the stock market will triumph above 40K points during the next 4 years, 401K's will prosper, and job creation will grow. Roe versus Wade will be overturned and the blood sacrifices to Satan will end.

To truly prosper financially during this time requires unfailing FAITH. I have witnessed it and experienced it these last 4 years. And when you start receiving, give abundantly to those in need, and let's help bring the Kingdom down to earth!

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