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Posted by on November 11, 2020 at 8:45 AM

Hello JDI Leaders,


I've been busy updating our Corporate Co-op website so feel free to check out all the changes. I've added our conference call recordings so that you can refer back to them or direct others to the most recent ones. Just let them know they have to scroll down the recording list to hear the most recent one.


There is also a page for the CancX program which is free to join. Just provide me your affiliate link and I'll add it to the rotator for that opportunity. I am also expecting 1000 postcards any day and will be mailing them out immediately to drive traffic to our Company co-op website. Our website is at the top of Google if you search JDI Life or JDI Vitamins so let your prospects know that is part of the benefit for participating in our co-op. I will also be adding a products page with descriptions to enhance the search engines and post on the blog there.


The most effective way to build your business is to invite others to the call every Thursday evening, invite them to take a look at our co-op website, and sign up to read the chapters in the two books that I wrote. I also took my affiliate link out of the rotator because I want you to really benefit for participating in the co-op.


As a reminder, the Corporate call will be held on Thursday and you can get the information for attending on our Corporate Co-Op site. There is a saying, "The more eyes to see the better your chances to succeed." I will continue to work hard for you so that everyone can achieve their dreams.


Blessings of Health and Wealth,

Mark Recker

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