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January JDI Co-op update

Posted by on January 8, 2021 at 2:40 AM

Hello JDI Co-op Family

Every co-op member who participated in the December co-op should have received their co-op rebate of $23.00 for every share purchased through PayPal. Please let me know if you have not received it.

Below, you will see the updated list of co-op participants for January. Once again, your loyalty and dedication to making this work is much appreciated. I'm 100% committed to only one program and that is JDI. Consistent advertising will give you the best results and I'm in it for the long haul. The products are truly some of the best and you can't beat the price of them and the comp plan.

When introducing your opportunity to others, walk them through the team co-op site and explain the whole process to them. One strategy to use is to offer up one of my co-op shares and let them have the co-op rebate if they join you personally. Since you still get the 40% Fast Start you're not losing out on much giving away your co-op share to help them. It also teaches them about teamwork, leveraging, duplication, and rewarding the willing. If the person does not receive a sign up through the rotator and you pass on your co-op rebate to them for that month only they will learn how serious you are about helping them. Then you can encourage them to participate in the next month's co-op and explain the co-op rebate part to them. If they participate then you know how serious they are about being a part of our team.

I'm looking for additional areas to advertise to get the best value with the highest exposure. Traffic is King in this business and it takes consistent advertising. We will all get to the finish line by working as a team so invite others to the Thursday calls and our team website and tell them to click on the free books to read my chapters so that they will know what we are all about.

In closing, I have not purchased any co-op shares for myself. I'd rather invest my JDI commissions directly back to you and hope to continue this for some time. December's total commissions were approximately $850 all all was paid out in co-op rebates. As we grow and we will over time, learn to duplicate this for your immediate down lines and you will see tremendous growth occur within your teams.

12/13 Helene B $100

12/13 Marilyne B. $100

12/24 Luther C $100

12/24 James S $50

12/27 Gregory D $50

12/29 Jim C $100

12/31 Judy T $25

12/31 Charlie M $50

1/4 Mahlon C $25

1/5 Campbell $100

1/6 Almodovar $100

1/6 Paul K. $100

1/6 Lorraine K. $100

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