Join The #1 JDI Life Team

#1 JDI Life Team   


To Pay with PayPal use the Buy Now Button.  PayPal is set up for only $25 payments so if you want additional shares it will require multiple payments. You may also send Money Order or cashier check by the 1st of the month to:

Wolf Enterprises
2060 Leward Lane
Merrit Island, FL 32953

Always Include on payment your Full Name and JDI Co-Op.

Ex:  John Doe/JDI Co-Op

Next: Fill Out The Form Below For Our Records

Our JDI Life Corporate Co-Op is designed to help you succeed.  Just pay a monthly co-op fee and let our Rotator Leveraging System do all the advertising work for you 24/7.

Co-Op Members...

  • Pay a monthly co-op fee by the 1st of every month.
  • Co-op members are placed into our automated Rotator Leveraging System for that entire month. 
  • Monthly Co-op fee is $25 a share and you can purchase up to 4 shares per month.

  • For example:
  • 1 share   @ $25 = 1:1 rotator traffic ratio.
  • 2 shares @ $50 = 2:1 rotator traffic ratio.
  • 3 shares @ $75 = 3:1 rotator traffic ratio.
  • 4 shares @ $100 = 4:1 rotator traffic ratio.

(Note) The Corporate Co-Op Rotator is always set on Random which is similar to how a lottery works. We can't guarantee sign ups and no refunds will be granted.

After sending in payment please fill out this form for us to verify. Failure to do so may result in not being placed into the rotator leveraging system for that month.

*Please do not send in multiple payments for additional months*