Make money from home in JDI Life International.     


Our team advertising co-op is intended to bring traffic to each co-op member's JDI Life website through the "Winner's Reward System". Every week we advertise our contest on Facebook and give away free bottles of our "Patented Stem Cell Nutrition Multi-vitamin". These winners have their information placed into our Tag My Lead page so that co-op participants can follow up with the winners that are assigned to them. 

1. Co-op shares are $50 a share and you can purchase up to 4 shares.

2. Send in your co-op money before the 1st of the month through Paypal at mrecker777@gmail.com

3. For every share you purchase, your rotator traffic ratio is increased by a ratio of 1.  

4.  Since everyone who joins in JDI Life and non co-op members are included into the rotator until all 500 Founders are secured, co-op members' rotator ratio starts at 2:1. This means they get twice the traffic as compared to a non co-op member. 

Example: John purchases 2 shares @ $50 each for $100. John's rotator traffic ratio is set to 3:1

                                           3 shares                                                                                          4:1

4. Relationship building with your prospects is extremely important so tagging leads increases your chances

to receive sign ups. The Tag My Lead page allows for you to tag the leads assigned to you for follow up. It is password protected and given out to co-op member participants.